Puppy Visits  are 30 minutes long, a quick outing/play in the backyard or a short walk.



Private walks   are 30 to 45  minutes long around your neighbourhood, depending on your dog’s needs.


Full day outing/Day care    for the very high energy dog that requires extra exercise.

(Limited space available)


Exercise is one of the most important components in your dog's life in order to have a happy pet.

With today's busy life it is not always possible to keep a regular walking schedule with our furry friends.

Our walks are tailored to your dog's need to make sure he's happy and comfortable.

Group adventure walks   are a full hour of play/exercise in woody trails, green field or sidewalk. Pick up and drop off are included.
We carefully assess each dog in order to match him with the right group.

$20 - $24

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